Deadly crash involving semi and school bus in Texas

Sad news near Dallas, Texas after a semi driver swerved into oncoming traffic Thursday at 10:45 p.m. The big rig sideswiped the bus, causing it to overturn, then hit the car behind the bus head-on.

The truck driver, 50-year-old Bradley Farmer of Bogard, Missouri, and the driver of the car, 30-year-old Angelica Beard, both died in the accident. Beard was an assistant coach for the girls track team.

The school bus involved was carrying the high school boys track team from Mount Pleasant H.S. All 18 students were hospitalized. The driver of the bus also suffered critical injuries.

The tractor-trailer was headed northbound on Highway 271, north of Mt. Pleasant, when it swerved across the highway when it first hit the southbound bus, then the car.

It’s not yet known what caused the semi to lose control and head towards opposing traffic.