In Colorado they’re taking Move Over Laws seriously

Be warned drivers, in Colorado they’re actually enforcing Move Over laws.

46 vehicles were pulled over by law enforcement officers Thursday morning on US 287 S., just south of Loveland Colorado. Most days such violations would come with a fairly hefty fine, but this was an education operation and written and/or verbal warnings were issued only.

According to the Reporter-Herald,

Each driver pulled over failed to move into the left lane for police vehicles pulled over on the shoulder with their lights flashing.

Every US state has some variation of the Move Over law (see for the exact regulation in each state). But basically, the rules are pretty simple…

If you see flashing lights on the shoulder ahead, slow down significantly, and if safe to do so, move over into the left lane until you’re well past the emergency vehicles.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the shoulder of the highway, with a flat tire or some other breakdown, and a vehicle roars by, sometimes only inches away. And if it was a big truck, the wind alone is almost enough to knock you down. Of course, I always have to display the universal WTF sign to these nonthinking individuals as they fly by.

come on driver move over

But seriously, the rules were put in place because people get hurt or die in these situations. Do everyone a favor and move over drivers, whether it’s an emergency vehicle and or personnel or ANY vehicle or individuals on the shoulder. It’s just the right thing to do.